Seahawks trade down and take over the fourth round of the NFL draft


    The Seahawks did what the Seahawks do and moved down in the draft. They still got a first rounder and about the whole fourth round.

    The Seahawks did the totally expected and moved down in the first round of the draft. As they did in 2018, they still stayed in the first round. At least they did at first. Confused? We’ll try to clear this up for you. See, they actually used their original 29th pick and selected L.J. Collier. The 21st pick they got from the Chiefs for Frank Clark? Well, that’s when things got wild. That single pick turned into four extra draft selections. John Schneider is a ninth-level wizard.

    It isn’t exactly a secret the Seahawks didn’t have many picks entering the final week before the 2019 NFL draft. They did add two more picks when they traded Clark, but one of those is a second-round selection in 2020. Still, a first-round pick is certainly more than I thought they would get for him. I wouldn’t be shocked to see that extra 2020 pick get packaged for more draft capital this year, either. At this point, I wouldn’t be shocked to see the VMAC traded for a fourth-round pick.

    So on to the trades. With the number 30 pick overall, Seattle – oh, you’re wondering how they got the 30th pick? The Seahawks did what the Seahawks do, and traded down in the first round. They sent the 21st overall pick they got from the Chiefs to Green Bay for that 30th overall pick and two picks in the fourth round, the 114th and 118th pick. Adding two fourth-round picks to drop nine spots is a pretty good deal. In case you forgot, K.J. Wright was a fourth-round pick. Both Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman were taken in the fifth round. So this was a very good deal for Seattle.

    Then with that 30th pick, the Seahawks drafted – just kidding. Of course, they traded down again. And exactly who was shocked by this? No 12s, I’m sure. Seattle sent pick 30 to the New York Football Giants for the 37th overall selection in round two, number 132 in the fourth round, and number 142 in the fifth round. Schneider’s typical draft wizardry turned five picks into nine.

    Remember that on Monday Seattle had just four draft picks. Now that the first round of the draft is over, Seattle has one first-rounder on the team, and eight more picks coming. That is frankly ridiculous. As it stands now, the Hawks have two picks coming Friday, number 37 overall in the second round and number 92 overall in the third. Saturday is Seahawksday, as they have six picks on day three. As intimated before, Seattle practically owns the fourth round, with the 114th, 118th, 124th, and 132nd overall picks. Pete Carroll and Schneider wrap up the fun with two picks in the fifth round, numbers 142 and 159. I can’t wait to see what they do next.



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