Jarvis Landry: Gregg Williams is playing mind games with Browns, Odell

BEREA, Ohio — As a former player for Gregg Williams, Jarvis Landry knows the mind games he likes to play.

So the Browns wide receiver was not about to fall into that trap himself Friday, when asked about the Jets’ defensive coordinator slighting Odell Beckham Jr.

“All of these are tactics to kind of sway us off of our path,” Landry said after practice. “Things that we gotta ignore and not pay attention to. Honestly, for us, we know who [Beckham] is. Everybody in the game knows who he is. I don’t think Gregg Williams’ opinion will ever sway how he will play.”

Earlier Friday, Williams was asked a question about Beckham being one of the most dynamic players in the league. He shot back, “That’s your opinion? What’s New York’s opinion? The Giants’ opinion? What did the Giants do?”

But Landry saw straight through Williams’ diss.

“I think he’s a smart man,” Landry said. “He does scout certain players and follow people to know if you hit them after the play a couple times they may get mad and maybe get the penalty. He’s smart enough to know who to talk like that to. I think that’s just what it was. It’s a strategy, a tactic. That’s all.”

Landry may have relayed that message to Beckham, who was asked if he had heard Williams’ comments or wanted to.

“I’m good,” he told The Post with a grin.

The saga between Williams and Beckham began Thursday, when Beckham said players in the Browns’ locker room told him Williams told them to “take a shot” at the then-Giants star if they got a chance during a 2017 preseason game. It resulted in Beckham sustaining an ankle injury that he said “changed my life forever.”

“I have not seen anything like that,” Kitchens said. “I don’t have anything to say about that.”

Kitchens said Beckham has not expressed any concern to him about the potential for similar hits Monday against the Jets. He did not plan to talk to Beckham about his comments, either, he said.

“I feel pretty sure that Odell’s focus is on the New York Jets. I think sometimes he says things for reasons, OK?” Kitchens said, declining to give those reasons.

Landry planned to “have our head on a swivel” and “play as physical” against Williams’ defense, but didn’t think anyone was out to hurt another player. As for the rest of the talk surrounding Williams, Landry wanted to steer clear.

“A lot of the things are just psychological tactics,” Landry said. “Things that he may know [reporters] are going to ask us or things he knows we may see. Just put it out there to have us be more aggressive than we actually would be or out of our game. That’s why we gotta ignore it.”