Redskins are digging in for Trent Williams fight

A little hate won’t force the Redskins into a trade.

Star lineman Trent Williams reportedly has no plans in to end his Redskins holdout with his frustration going beyond his contract situation. Still, the team is steadfast in their refusal to trade the seven-time Pro Bowler, according to an report. They are not even listening to offers for the highly coveted tackle.

Williams’ frustration stems from the diagnosis of a benign tumor on his scalp, which needed to be surgically removed.

“He’s not coming back. Period,” a source told NBC Sports Washington earlier this month. “It’s not a contract thing.”

It will soon start costing Williams money, however. ESPN reports that each game check is worth $617,647.

“Since Day 1 of camp you notice his absence is impacting us tremendously,” running back Adrian Peterson told the site. “You go from not having to worry about the blind side at all, to having to chip on that side, add a TE there which changes what you do.

“I think it’s making Dwayne Haskins have to think more, not process things as calmly. Matter of fact, I think it’s impacting all of our QBs. Guys are coming off the edge in practice right there on the QB & the RB. It’s been a struggle.”