Tom Brady owns Twitter troll whining about Madden rating

Tom Brady isn’t tolerating any Twitter disrespect.

Madden NFL 20 released its player ratings Monday, prompting ample discussion and disagreement from fans. Brady is rated 96, the highest quarterback rating behind reigning MVP and Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes. Twitter user Matt Harrington, who uses the handle @HipposRayzer, had a problem with the rating, pointing to Brady’s well-known lack of speed.

“Tom Brady can’t run 2 yards how the hell is he a 96,” Harrington tweeted.

“I’m so much faster than you Matt,” Brady later responded.

That came after Harrington’s back and forth with Yahoo! Sports NFL, who posted the ratings.

“I 100% could run faster and further than Tom,” Harrington tweeted. “So could 50% of high schoolers, 80% of college players, and 99% of pros Learn how to unbiasedly access the totality of a player, then adjust these numbers and I could possibly take you seriously.”

After his quip, Brady, who has the lowest Madden speed rating among quarterbacks, posted a clearly-edited video of him running outside his house, jokingly asking the video game to reconsider his speed rating.

Harrington took Brady’s response in stride. Along with six Super Bowl rings, add a Twitter war to Brady’s list of achievements.