Ancelotti: ‘We are evaluating number of player, not only James’

08 July at 14:00

Italian Serie A club Napoli manager Carlo Ancelotti has warned his opponents that the club is in the market for number for players as they look to fight for titles next season.

The 60-year-old expressed those views in a press conference on Monday. “If we want to talk about James, then all I can say is I know him very well and he brings a lot of quality,” he said. “Unfortunately, he is not a Napoli player yet. May be he will become one of us or may be that will never happen but for now let’s talk about the Napoli players. We are evaluating so many opportunities, there are so many names we are evaluating and there are so many possibilities. There is time until the end of the transfer window so do not expect anything major happening today or tomorrow.”

The former Real Madrid manager also expressed his view about a tougher title race next season. “I’m happy that Conte is back in Italy,” he added. “Juve will be the team to beat again, but since Inter want to improve makes everything more competitive. The league will surely going to be more competitive.”